Ending Of My Great Adventure

The half marathon is over and my best friend is back in the Netherlands so for me it is time to leave Buenos Aires. It is now the beginning of September and I need to be honest to everyone, in my last blog and vlog I lied because I want to surprise my family. I told them that I will be back home around mid-October, but my goal is to be home earlier; around mid-September. This because it will be my birthday end of September and it will be amazing to celebrate that with my family around me, specially when they least expect it.

To be able to achieve that, I need to drive from Buenos Aires back to Santiago; where my whole trip started. I will fly back from this city because I have a Chilean car and rooftent that I need to sell.

The distance between Buenos Aires and Santiago is 1500 km; it is a normal two line road for each direction and the ending is really impressive. 300km near Santiago is a beautiful city where I had great memories called Mendoza. Between Mendoza and Santiago is the border cross between Chile and Argentina at 3500m height in the middle of the Andes mountains.

The reason why I stop traveling now is because I miss my girlfriend and she had the opportunity to study in Liege until December and I would love to spend time with her. I miss her and I am happy I have that feeling. I started the trip with a love feeling and we were both afraid how our love was going to develop during my trip. I always kept in mind that time will give me the answer and that is exactly what time did. The love between us grew and grew even when we were miles and miles away from each other and for me that is real love and that answer is wonderful to get.
Another reason is that I don’t have the spirit and curiosity anymore to start traveling through the north part of South America. That travel take at least 6 months before I will be back in Santiago, which costs a lot of money for me, and I don’t want to spend that. I prefer to travel in about five or six years through the north of South America and then with my girlfriend. That would be amazing.

Now it is time to look back at my time in South America, today is day number 250, and I am looking back at a wonderful period of my life. A period where I felt sometimes lonely, sometimes surounded with a lot of friends, but all the time I felt full freedom and pride. Arriving in Santiago at the beginning of January with nothing and no connections in South America is quite scary, but to see yourself driving in your own car with roof tent through the wonderful nature and cities in this continent is amazing. My parents visited me in Rio de Janeiro (my day 150) and my mom told me that she saw a man and not a boy anymore, I am an adult that developed himself good and I think a better compliment than this, in my opinion, is not possible. The biggest lesson that I learned during this trip is that I am not scared anymore of problems that I will get, I am sure that I will solve it and I take the best out of every situation. This makes me a stronger person, I am a social who likes it to be with friends and can easily make friend in every language but also love being alone more than I thought. My Spanish and Portuguese are not perfect and I can still learn but I am able to tell my problems and I would like it to keep in touch with the languages because they are both wonderful.

My highlights from this trip are the times that I traveled alongside with my parents, girlfriend and best friend. I had an amazing time during those weeks from visiting the football match in Maracana with my girlfriend, Foz de Iguazu with my parents and running the half marathon with my best friend. Another highlight is driving alone through Patagonia, the middle of nowhere driving to Ushuaia and back.

This wonderful travel that made me stronger, made me more of an adult and gave me a lot of experience that I will never lose or forget. I would highly recommend for everyone who loves traveling and have the same possibilities than me, please book your flight and make your trip. Suzi, the company that helped me with paperwork and buying my car incl. rooftent, I am happy they helped me and they are now selling my car for a small commission. I bought my car and rooftent for around 5.500 euro and I will sell it for around 4.800 euro.

Then I will say one last thing, and that is too say thanks to everyone who followed me and watched my blogs and videos, the new friends that I made and the people who visited me. Feel free to ask me anything and send my contact information to persons who needed.