Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires With My Best Friend

Today is the 23rd of august and it is a special day. I am now waiting at the airport of Buenos Aires because my best friend Jasper is visiting me for a week. Jasper is my friend since childhood, almost twenty years of friendship. I have been in Buenos Aires five months ago and after my trip in Uruguay and Brazil, it is nice to come back. I will do a lot of nice things with Jasper and one of the highlights is the half marathon (21 km) on Sunday 25aug. Now I need to stop writing because his plane just landed, and I can’t wait to see him.

It is so nice to see him back and have fun with him like we weren’t away from each other. From the first moment we saw each other it was fun and that makes it a good friend. After the arrival we went to a shopping mall to eat a bit and look for some running outfits for the race. The prices in Argentina are pretty cheap now for foreigners because there is a crisis going on at this moment. One euro is sixty Argentina pesos worth, which make some products cheap for us.

Exactly a year ago, we ran our first half marathon in Budapest and now he wanted to visit me in South America, and we planned to do it in Buenos Aires. On our first day, we spent a lot of time together; watching football, cooking, just laughing it was a big pleasure to be with him. The nice thing about Jasper is that he has almost the same interests and kind of humor as me, which makes it so easy and fun to be together.

Two days before the half marathon, we had to go to a visiting center to get the starting number of the race, the location of that was at a hotel and first we saw nobody but the closer we came the more people we saw and that was the moment that the stress started to grow, only two days left. The last day before the race we took rest and made sure that we had our devices charged and discussed the track we needed to run.

On the big day we woke up at five o’clock, because the race starts at 7.30am but we had a problem. With our ‘cold’ outfit we started walking to the subway but after a walk of twenty minutes we saw that the metro station is closed. Thank god Uber is in the town which brought us to the start. We were both nervous but excited to run. Our goal was to finish it healthy without an injury.
Running the race was amazing, Buenos Aires is a wonderful city and to run on the biggest avenue in the world (avenue 9 de julio) with my friend at my side is a dream that came true. Our race was good, but the second part was heavy we finished at 2h37min which was the maximum we could do.

After the marathon we went to a football match of River Plate the best football club in South America the best place to let our legs relax and enjoy what we did and where we were. The quality of the game was not really good, but it was amazing to see and to be part of the ambience that is never better than in here.

Waking up the day after was a big nightmare, we had pain everywhere. We have got some stairs in our apartment and that day it was killing to go up and down. Another highlight of the week was a surprise I had for him. Just outside Buenos Aires, there is a zoo with lions and tigers, and as a visitor you are able to touch the animals or give them milk if you want. That was a great experience and I am proud that Jasper was brave to do it.

The last night we spent together, we decided to go to the theater of Buenos Aires which was one of my highlights five months ago. There was a symphony orchestra in the most wonderful theater of the world. The best place to end our wonderful time together after a busy but great week.

Now is the big question what am I going to do when I am alone again? The last time I thought a lot about this question, and I need to say that my spirit is less than the time I started. I can continue traveling to Columbia with my car for example, but I don’t want that anymore. I miss my girlfriend (Moroccan) and she made it possible to study for a half year close to Netherlands and I really want to be with her and spend our time together as much as we can. I will end my trip in October and go look for a new job and follow my heart. I am really proud of my trip and everything I did the last nine months. During my time with Jasper I compared a lot with myself when I arrived in South America and I need to say that I can speak Spanish well, it is not perfect but they are able to understand me and I am able to say what I want. In September, I will travel from the north of Argentina back to Santiago and there I will sell my car. I am proud of myself and in the next blog I will look back what I did and my highlights overall or tips and tricks for new travelers who have this wonderful idea to be on yourself and make yourself a better person in a total other area. It gave me so many lessons and it made me a better person with experience that nobody will ever take away from me.

Jasper thanks for everything, and my followers thanks for keeping up to date.