Balnário Ca.

Start Training For The Half Marathon 2019

The last blog was about the time with my girlfriend, she left and I am now traveling alone again after three weeks with my parents and two weeks with her. I took my car and started driving from São Paulo to the south and rented an apartment in the beach city; Balneário Camboriú. It is a little bit above Florianopolis and the city is called the ‘Dubai of Brazil’. I spent my time there (two weeks) to get everything up to date and train for the half marathon which is my next goal. End of august (in six weeks) I will run with my best friend the half marathon of Buenos Aires and I need to practice for that and this city is good to do that.

Balneário Camboriú has a long beach of six kilometer one way and my training ground is running that one way and back so twelve kilometer is a nice run which makes me stronger. To be honest is it really nice to run there because you can have a look constantly of the part of the route that you need to run or the part that you did so that makes it really beautiful.

It is not my first half marathon; last year after a losing weight period and a recovery from a surgery I planned with my best friend Jasper a half marathon in Budapest and we both finished them. This year we will run on August 25th the half marathon of Buenos Aires and we are both looking forward to it.

This city has also a little Christ statue which looks like the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, but this one is a little bit smaller and it has a hat in his hand which is symbol for the sun.

Here was the place where I started thinking about how I will end this trip, I am talking about the period after the half marathon. What do I want to see? Do I still enjoy traveling as much as I did? Are the costs still worth what I am going to see? Questions like that ae where I am struggling with and I still don’t know exactly what I will do but I will make my decision in the next blog.

This was a short blog please keep up to date and in the next one you will get the answer on the question: How long I will still travel? Do you have tips or suggestions for me, please let them know. Thanks a lot see you in the next one.