After 167 Days I Am Together With My Girlfiend

This is a special blog about a wonderful period, without any doubt this period of two weeks was the one I looked forward to since a long time. Two months before I started my trip, I fell in love with a girl that I met after chatting on internet for more than a year. Her name is Narjisse and she is from Morocco and she is the one who gave me the feeling of love for the first time in my life. I booked my trip before I met her and during our two months together, we always thought “let’s enjoy our time together the most and after January we will see what our feeling is”. Our goodbye was not a really good one because I felt that I let her alone and she was scared about the period that was coming.
I am now in day 167 and from the beginning of my trip in Santiago, Chile I felt everyday love for her and we always kept in touch. I loved sharing things with her and my love for her kept growing and growing even when we were miles away from each other. I remember a special moment that I started my trip through Patagonia, I was scared and a little bit afraid for the long and lonely adventure but everyday I felt that someone was thinking about me and I never felt alone because of that.

Yesterday she finished her last exam of University and today I will finally see her at the airport in Rio De Janeiro. The moment I waited so long for. I had troubles that day because the apartment we rented was embarrassing, totally not like the pictures and in a neighborhood I didn’t want to take Narjisse to, so I needed to find something last minute and I did and with a long delay because of the traffic jam on the road I arrived way too late than I anticipated but just in time to be ready to welcome her…

The first nights we couldn’t believe that it was real and to be honest the feeling we had was different than we had in the beginning of our relationship. We pushed too much on ourselves and we had only three/four days in Rio so because of that, we also felt a time rush and I wanted to show her as much as possible of the most wonderful city of the world, to my eyes

we split Rio de Janeiro in two days; one day I organized/surprised for her and one her for me. On my day, in the morning I surprised her with going to the Christus Redeemer and gave her a beautiful overview about the city. Narjisse loves heights and to my eyes that place is one of the most wonderful places I ever been in the whole world. After that we took an Uber and then we got to a special place, the football stadium called Maracaña. That is the place where my favorite football player was playing that day “Lionel Messi”. I was going to see Messi, the best player in the world together with my girlfriend in one of the most wonderful football stadiums in the world. The national football team of Argentina was playing against Venezuela in the Quarter Final of the Copa America. I was so lucky and happy that day, this was my highlight of my whole trip. Holding the hand of Narjisse and being there with her was amazing. After the match, we went to Copacabana for a dinner and to spend some time at the beach.
She organized/surprised a day for me and she started with a hike, a was a the first ever hike for her, we walked ‘Pedra Bonita’ a wonderful hike to do together with a beautiful view that I never saw. After a burger, we went on a second hike that day and this one to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain. Really happy together and proud of each other we saw a wonderful sunset while we were both recording the most crappy time-lapse and time-consuming ever, but what a fun time did we have during that evening.

As a surprise for Narjisse’s birthday, I rented a house for five days located four hundred kilometer north of Rio. I kept it secret and Narjisse expected a campsite and she was afraid that her reaction was not going to be good, but I knew that she would love it. We entered the building and got a tour from two hosts who kept asking us “With how many people are you?” and we kept saying “just both of us”. And during the tour we understood that two was really weird because the house was so big it was good for a family or a group of ten. Narjisse’s mouth fell open, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “Another big room with a two person bath, and there also, and here the third one”, was our reaction, really impressive and during the whole evening and the first morning we thought “where the hell are we?!!”. We had a private swimming pool, a beach a minute away, space enough. The only thing we wanted to do was to spend time together. This was exactly what we needed, and we were sooo happy with that. We spent there the time of our lives, it couldn’t be better.
It was there that we started talking about the future and she told me that there was a possibility for her to go to Liege, Belgium because a professor was impressed by her presentation and he had connections in a big company which was a wonderful opportunity as a internship for her. We decided to do everything we can to take this chance and after some days we got a definitive confirmation, which means that Narjisse will spend five months in Liege, which is close to where my whole family lives. While we were fixing this, it gave us more rest and we were not stressed anymore. It was there that we had an amazing time together and did all the things we wanted and spent the best time together.

After our time in Piúma, we drove back to Rio and after some days in Búzios we went to São Paulo and that was the city where she was going to take the plane back home. Narjisse told me that she liked São Paulo, but the only thing we went to together was the shopping mall with the amazing restaurant called ‘Madero, the best burger in the world’. Specially in shopping malls I could see the big difference between walking alone or walking together. During the two weeks, we went to some Shopping Malls and it was always fun even if it was only for a big tasty. I wish our time together couldn’t stop, but we checked the time and reality and told us that we needed to say goodbye to each other and that is what we did. It was hard to say goodbye, but it was not as hard as in January because we know that our love is real and I will never forget the wonderful moments we had.

Narjisseje thanks for your smiles, your amazing positivity and all the wonderful moments you gave me. I can’t wait to see you again.