Foz Do Iguaçu

Visiting The Foz Do Iguaçu Waterfalls

Three weeks was how much time I got to spend with my parents. They also love traveling so after a week in Rio de Janeiro, we saw a lot and wanted to get out of the city and go on adventure (I don’t experience that with strangers). One of my highlights in South America is the Foz do Iguaçu, it wasa location that I love to discover with my parents. So, we rented a car and drove away from Rio de Janeiro on a Saturday and our plan was to come back the next Saturday to Rio de Janeiro. It was doable to drive with my car but with all the luggage and three people, that wouldn’t have been comfortable and my dad loves driving so we rented a beautiful car, a Chevrolet, and started driving the 1500km one way drive.

We drove for two days and our first stop after 500km was Sao Paulo, we booked an apartment, unfortunately in a bad neighborhood. The moment we arrived was funny because my parents were looking like ‘What the hell is this….’ While for me I was happy that the car had a safe place and there was a good pillow on the bed. That was one of the moments where I realized that spending all this time traveling made me happy about the smallest things. The day after, we slept in a bed and breakfast with nice hosts with who we had a lot of fun.

After a fifteen-hundred-kilometer drive in almost two days, on a pretty good (two line) road we arrived to a big city called Foz do Iguaçu (300.000 population). A famous city close to the border between Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay. The city is famous for the national park with the Iguaçu Falls and I need to say that when we saw the waterfalls, we expected a lot, but it was way more special. This place has 257 individual waterfalls over 2.7 km and with that, they are chosen as one of the “New Natural Seven Wonders Of the World”. As a visitor you can visit it at two places; the Argentina side and the Brazil side. The first day we spent it at the Argentinian side, which gives you the possibility to walk through the falls and more walking between the trees and have a feeling of being part of the national park. We visited the Brazilian side which is an overview and then you realize how big the waterfalls are. I saw a lot of pictures on internet and read a lot about it, but when I saw it with my own eyes it was so unbelievably amazing. A real nature wonder, beautiful to see and even more special to share it with my parents, a day I will never forget in my whole life.

Two days of the falls are over and we have one day left in Foz do Iguaçu and that day we wanted to see the Itaipú Dam. It is a hydroelectric dam on the Paraná River located on the border between Brazil and Paraguay. This Dam produced the most energy compared to any dam in the world with a record in 2016 (103,098,366 megawatt hours). We took a full day to get all information about the Dam and see how it is under, over and next to Dam. The Dam (opened on may 1984) made me really intrigued because of the size; we saw the twenty generator units which were installed and we saw the control rooms. Because this dam is at the border between Paraguay and Brazil, they split the generator units in two so ten installed at 50Hz are for Paraguay and the other ten installed at 60 Hz for Brazil. Since the output capacity of the Paraguayan generators far exceeds the load in Paraguay, most of their production is exported directly to the Brazil side.

Wow what an amazing expedition did we go to this week, it was a lot of driving but the experience we had made it soooo worthy for us. We had the time to discover this part of Brazil and I am that proud that we did. It was amazing to walk around with my parents again and to feel as a kid again and not a lonely person in South America.

Parents if you read this, thanks for taking me to this place and giving me this amazing experience. I will never ever forget it.