Rio de Janeiro

Arrived In Rio De Janeiro; Reunited With My Parents

Yes!!!!!!! After driving fifteen thousand kilometers, I finally arrived in Rio de Janeiro,  and maybe the highlight of my trip. I am now around hundred and fifty days in South America and this is the city that my parents will join me in and I will spend three weeks with them. I don’t need to wait so long anymore because today, on my first day in Rio, I will see them and pick them up at the airport. Before going to them I need to check in in the first the apartment and then time to go to the airport and let the Enjoying begin….

I parked my car at the airport and waited at the terminal and after some exciting moments, I finally saw them. Really happy and with open arms, I gave them a warm welcome in South America. They were impressed by my car which gave me a wonderful feeling. When I drove back from airport to apartment with them, I could only smile and enjoy that feeling. During the months that I spent alone I thought a lot about life and especially my own life, choices that I made and family and friends that I have. My parents are for me the most important people in my life who brought me to my twenty fifth year of my life, and during nights that I thought about this, I started writing a letter for them and the moment they arrived at the apartment in Ipanema (neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro) they will find the letter handwritten on top of their bed. They were pleased to read it and felt warm and happy in Brazil.

From our first full day together, we planned to stay one week in Rio and after that go to Foz de Iguazu, famous for the National Park and their waterfalls, 1500km away from Rio. But before making that big trip we have time to discover Rio de Janeiro, a spectacular city with a lot of famous places to visit. So, we visited Copacabana, Ipanema, the Olympic park building for the Olympic games of 2016, the Spanish stairs, the city center, the museum of the future and way more. We saw almost everything, and every day was discovering a new part of the city. One of my highlights was the Christus statue, also called ‘The Redeemer’. When I was at the top, I really got the feeling that I was in one of the most wonderful cities of the world because of the top view, it is incredible. It was there that I started thinking if Rio was the best city I ever went and when I saw that view, I didn’t doubt anymore and cities as New York and Caïro need to be happy with a second and third place in my top list.
One other special place in the city is the Sugar Loaf Mountain, it gives you a total other view of the city and even so wonderful. With a cable car going to the top after a little hike and feeling airplanes going around you (because of the National Airport which was close to their) is impressive.

During my trip almost everyone said ‘ow Mike, don’t go to Rio De Janeiro, it is not safe and something bad will happen to you’, but I am really happy that I did, you need to be careful and make a good preparation of where you want to stay and if you don’t do stupid things then Rio is safe for a tourist. I spent a month in total in Rio de Janeiro and nothing bad happened to me or my companions.

My absolute highlight of the first week with my parents was driving in my own car (Suzuki SX4) with my parents next to me. That was something I really wanted for a long time and making jokes and laughing with them and driving in my one car in a wonderful city as Rio de Janeiro is a feeling that I will never ever forget.

In the second week of our trip together we want to go to Foz De Iguazu, but to go there my dad rented a car  for us to be more comfortable and that was a really good decision for the three days for an one way trip. More about Foz De Iguazu in the next blog and I made one video about all the time with my parents in Brazil.