Buenos Aires

The Best Theater In The World

I left Rosario and started driving to Buenos Aires; the capital and the last city that I will visit in Argentina. In the big cities, it is hard to find campsites and the few ones that I found were expensive, around fifteen euros per night and these days it is easier to find another place to sleep. I use “homestay” and “AirBNB” to book my nights in the city. In Buenos Aires, I decided to sleep in Palermo, a calm neighborhood that I found on homestay.com. Around five kilometers before Buenos Aires, a two line road became a three line and three became four and after a moment, I was driving on a six line road all one way and that was the moment where I realized that this was the biggest city in South America that I have visited so far.

I arrived in Buenos Aires and met the owner of the house, a nice guy that gave me a lot of tips and ideas of what to do in the city. Big cities all around the world have “free walking tours” to show tourists the city and here they have two tours. I decided to be part of one in my first morning and that is the best method to figure out the ins and outs of the city with a personal opinion of the tour guide and you can decide how much money you give. During the tour, I found out that half the money of Buenos Aires was going to the theater Colón, the most beautiful theater in the world. I don’t go that much to theaters so I thought that it would be an awesome thing to do. I went to the theater and thank god I could buy a ticket, because usually there aren’t a lot of concerts there. The cheapest ticket was 8 euros and it was a standing place, meaning that I couldn’t get a seat in addition to being in the farthest corner of the theater. With goosebumps, I entered the theater and saw a sitting place at the top of the building that was not occupied, I sat in it and pretended as if it was mine. The concert was wonderful and amazing, the sound, the silence, the music wow!!! I think it was the best experience I had during my trip so far and it became better and better because I left my place and tried to get a better one and I got it, I sat in the middle of the theatre in a place where other people would pay over hundred twenty euros and the sound and view was even better from there. It was an incredible evening that I will never forget in my whole life.

During the free walking tour, the guide told me that money is a problem in Argentina, and after almost two months I experienced that too. Argentinian pesos have decreased in worth, which means that it’s time for Europeans to visit the country, and on the other side it is always hard to get money out of an ATM, because sometimes the maximum to cash out is fifty euros and it is hard to find a shop that will split five hundred Argentinian pesos in fives (1 euro = 50 Argentinian pesos).

I love seeing the skyline of a city and in Buenos Aires, there is a very high building but nobody can access its top alone, we needed to be part of a tour, so I joined a tour and enjoyed the wonderful overview of the congress building. There, you get a feeling of how big the city actually is, something you don’t get when you move around the city underground by using the metro.

With the owner of the house and his sister, we made Empanadas in the evening. A typical Argentinian and south American dish, it consists of some baked/fried bread with meat inside. It is very delicious if you buy it from a bakery, but it is even better if you make it yourself and get it fresh from the oven to your mouth. I am not good in the kitchen, but there are tons of YouTube videos of how to make an empanada by yourself and if I am back in Holland, I will make it for my family for sure.

Buenos Aires a beautiful city with a rich history and beautiful places but to get the real Argentinian feeling you need to do one thing, and that is to go to a football match. I made a friend online who could get tickets for the match and with him and five other friends we went to a cup match of Estudiantes vs. Racing Club in the biggest football stadium in Argentina. Wow!! what an experience and what a sound that people can make when they are all together, impressive. But the most impressive thing was that when a goal was made on the team ‘Estudiantes’, the supporting fans shouted louder and louder to help the players. In Holland, they normally start booing and making the players feel worse, but here they get the support they need from fans. It was amazing to see and with a draw (1-1) the home team got a good feeling for the return to pass this round of the race to the cup.

After visiting more musea and neighborhoods like the beautiful and colorful La Boca, my time in Buenos Aires came to an end. A wonderful time in my favorite country that I have visited so far in my life. Argentina has really everything, I traveled from Ushuaia in the south to capital at the west coast, the only thing that stays on my list is the north of Argentina. But wow Argentina you are amazing!! I totally agree with what a man told me ‘Argentina is a beautiful country, but its own people are ruining it’. I agree with that, but I want to say that only the bad people are ruining it. This country gave me a lot of new friends and even families like Martin’s, I had an amazing time, and I am sure that I will come back to Argentina later in my life, no doubt about that.

By the way, during the concert in the theater I started thinking about my top five best moments I have after hundred days in South America and here they are: My experience in the theater was the best, leaving Santiago in my own car was a close second, I had an amazing feeling to start my journey. The third moment was my time in El Chalten with the awesome mount Fitz Roy, in the fourth place I will put my arrival to Ushuaia which really gave me a wonderful feeling of achieving something that not everyone can do, I pushed myself to the limit in this trip and that is exactly what I wanted to do. On the last but not least is my first hike in Cerro Castillo, a wonderful day after some rain.

Now I need to stop because my boat is going in a few to Uruguay. Argentina you are wonderful, you will see me back, maybe sooner than you think.