Cordoba & Rosario

Rosario The City Of A Legend

With a lot of wine in my body I left Mendoza and started driving 700 km to Cordoba. The second city in Argentina (after Buenos Aires) and the most north of the big cities. Between the cities there is a paid-double-line-road that connects the cities with each other and on that road between the border of the regions in Argentina there is a police check that stops everyone to check if they have vegetables or fruit. Normally, it is not allowed to move them with you to another country but Argentina is so big that they say fruit and vegetables from another region is not accepted to a new region.

Cordoba is a city with a population of 1,3 million, it is very different than the other cities, it has a big crime rate on unknown places. That makes it so difficult because the Police still doesn’t know the good and the bad neighborhoods yet. Me driving in a Chilean car is not a good idea, especially with a tent on the roof of the car, this takes a lot of attention from others. Looking for a campsite in a big city as Cordoba is really impossible so I decided to take an AirBNB (max. €10 per night). Which gives me the possiblity to be connected with a local of the city and have a good place to sleep. The only thing is parking my car, but when I arrived in Cordoba the neighborhood looked calm and relaxed and the host said that I can leave my car in front of his apartment. I did and entered a nice room where I could stay for three nights close to the center.

The next day after waking up, I tried to take something out of my car and noticed that the rope around the tent on the roof of my car was open. I never leave it like that, so I knew from that moment that someone tried to steal it or tried to check it at least. Thank God nothing was stolen…

Cordoba is a city where I didn’t feel safe, there were a lot of homeless people walking around, but the Cathedral of the city was beautiful, especially in the night with all the lights, that made it even more beautiful. It was open to visit. I also visited some museums but overall, I don’t recommend staying there longer than I did.

After a couple of days, I left Cordoba and started driving to Rosario, a special city because it is the city where the best football player of the world was born and raised ‘Lionel Messi’. The football player of FC Barcelona was born here and lived with his two brothers and one sister in a small neighborhood in Rosario. I knew the exact house so immediately after arriving, I went to their neighborhood. I arrived in a place with colorful streets and pols, all in the color of Argentina with the number ’10’ of Messi. When I arrived to the house, I noticed that it was well protected so I took a photo with my car in front of the house.

When I continued my trip more to the center of Rosario, I saw a wonderful monument, they call it “the monument of the flag”. In 1812 Manuel Begano raised for the first time the flag in whole Argentina in this place and they build because of that a huge and beautiful monument, where I stayed and walked for hours. It was easy to park the car and enjoy the nature and the history, I started reading about it and realized that this place is really important for the Argentinians. Rosario is also an important city for me because at the beginning of September, I will run there together with a friend a half-marathon. I don’t know yet the parkours of the race, but I found a hill in Rosario and I hope we don’t take them.

I stayed in a huge campsite fifteen kilometer outside Rosario, a really good and cheap (€2 per night) campsite is rare in this part of Argentina. I stayed there some extra days to work on my Spanish, this time especially I put focus on the verbs. My girlfriend made a test for me and I needed to conjugate ten verbs in three tenses without making a mistake (past, present, future). If I had everything correct it means that it was time to wrap everything again, which is pretty easy with my equipment, and go all the way to the capital and one of the ‘Best’ cities of South America, which is what I the travelers that I have met previously said to me. The name is Buenos Aires where I will stay at least eleven days and that is also my last stop in Argentina for now.