Villa Cerro Castillo

Patagonia: After Rain Comes Sunshine

So It is time to leave Puerto Montt, a special city for me where I have met a good friend called Omar. A man who gave me all the time that wanted and help that I needed. He made a normal city as Puerto Montt a great city and let me feel home while I am so far away from my own. After saying goodbye to him and the thought that we would probably see each other again, I left the city and continued my trip, heading to the southest city on Earth “Ushuaia (Argentina)” more than 2000 km from Puerto Montt.

With an extra sleep cover in my rooftent and with full gasoline I started my trip and followed the board ‘Carretera Austral’ also called ‘Route 7’. It is one of the most famous and wonderful roads in the world, and it contains good road, boat trips and a lot of gravel/stone roads.
The first boat trip was after 50 km and really easy to pass. The second one was harder because that one lasted for 5h and you need to book it beforehand. It is from the town called ‘Hornopirén’ to ‘Caleta Gonzalo’. Late in the evening, I arrived in Hornopiren and asked some locals if I can book it and go as fast as possible. I tried to book it online, but it wasn’t a successful process, because there was a problem with their system. The organization told me that the day after, in the morning (Tuesday) the next boat would leave, and with my car I can go on board after paying a ticket for almost 100 euro. I decided to sleep at the side of the road and after an all rain day I fell asleep late. The day after I needed to wake up early because the boat would depart at 9am.

The boat trip was a really pleasure to do because the landscapes were wonderful, but for me, the weather was not good, unfortunately. I can say it was terrible, only rain and cloudiness which gave me the feeling of being sad a little bit, because I am in the most wonderful part of the world but I couldn’t see it or enjoy it. After arriving with the boat, I drove 200 km of which 80km on bad road. I heard a lot about the city Futalefu and decided to spend my second night there. The road to it was 40km horrible and bad conditions, and when I arrived, I couldn’t enjoy the nature. You see a little bit the mountains but not the tops. I slept again on the side of the road with a lot of wind, my tent could barely handle the wind. That day I had really a feeling “what the hell am I doing here?”

The day after I decided to drive more to the south as much as I could. I made little stops in towns to get some data connection with my phone or buy some bread to eat or to stop for fuel. That last thing I did in a city called ‘Puyuhuapi’ and believe it or not but I saw right next to the tank station the car of a travel couple that I met during my trip to Chiloe.
At a moment I saw a good place to take some rest for a little with a nice view and I don’t know what happened but I saw when I was looking, a rainbow coming and it was there for 5 min. The sun shined my day. I thought I was going crazy, I was so happy after all that rain. That night I decided to order a pizza in a restaurant to make it nice for myself after my third rain day in a row. In the evening I was looking for a place to sleep and asked a tank station if I could park my car next to them, that was not a problem and I set everything up under a shelter and made new friends at the tank station.

After a good night, I woke up with beautiful weather and the forecast showed me that the bad weather is over, and the enjoying part can start. With a happy feeling and a smile on my face I left the tank station early in the morning, I was planned to go to a city called ‘Villa Cerro Castillo’ where I can do a hike. The way to the city was really beautiful I could see the top of the mountains and holy shit Patagonia I heard you were beautiful but now I could see it with my own eyes. I stopped a couple of times to really enjoy the beautiful landscapes and afterwards was that the reason why I was too late at the hike place. The last group should start at 1.30pm and I arrived at 1pm. With some friends that I made at the entrance we tried to get permission to enter the park, but they didn’t let us pass because of the responsibility. The moment we heard the reason we said oke can we walk it if we are responsible for ourselves, then he said yes and we decided as group (6 persons incl. me) to stay always together during the hike.
The group was amazing and the more we walked the more respect we got and had for each other. Me, a couple with almost the same love story that I have with my girlfriend and a dad with his two daughters were the group called ‘amigos’. It was a heavy hike and too heavy for the youngest of the group. She stopped and stayed with her dad at 30% of the hike. The full hike is 7km, I asked the girl if I can lift her to the top but she didn’t want that and afterwards I never could do that because It was really hard hike and steep. After 4 hours of hiking we reached top with us 4 and said that it was impossible for the girl to reach the top because the 30 % was nothing compared to the rest of the hike. After taking some wonderful pictures and enjoying the beautiful nature we walked down from the top and after 10 minutes of our way down, we saw the dad who carried his daughter to the top. He pushed her, he lifted her, he had his hands full of stuff to make for his lovely daughter easier to walk. My mouth fell wide open and in a reaction,  I dropped my water bottle and start hand clapping. The dad and his daughter reached the top and the most respect for me a person can get. I never thought that she could do that, what let me see that never underestimate a person or yourself in whatever situation you are.

We walked with a complete group back down to the entrance and after a total hike of 8/9 hours we arrived to the entrance again and made a group picture. It is so special how you can build in a short time a special relationship like this. It was a really special day, one of my best so far. In the evening, I stayed with the couple from the group and made with them our dinner. It was a special meal called ‘completos’ it is a hotdog with avocado, I told them during the hike that I never had it and that was for them mind-blowing ‘you must eat it’ was there reaction. It was delicious and especially the time that we had with each other, we could talk about everything and after days of being lonely in the car I fell that I was not alone and charged myself again.

I woke up the day after and saw that everyone was gone from the campsite which made me a little bit sad, but with the amazing memories I shared with them, I could go back to my car and continue my trip.
The road was bad. all 160km was a good road. but I stayed and enjoyed the day of yesterday, I reached a town called Puerto Tranquilo and that is famous of the Marble Caves, it is a must-see, so I bought a ticket and entered the boat to the caves. It was beautiful, specially the color of the water with the awesome blue sky. After seeing it, I decided to drive more and stopped in a town called ‘Puerto Gaudal’ a city really close to the border of Chile-Argentina and almost half way on my trip to the southest city of the world ‘Ushuaia’.