My Experience In Chiloe

Finally, after two weeks and a half of spending time in Puerto Montt and focusing on Spanish, I needed a break. During that time, I had already read a lot about the largest island of Chile, called Chiloe. It is close to Puerto Montt, around 60 km and I wanted to spend three days there, to enjoy the beautiful nature and everything that the island has for me.

I took the boat, I could take my car inside it as well, to the island. I left the boat after twenty minutes and twenty euros lighter. The city in the north is Ancud and I drove my car to the west city because there are Penguins and I was curious to see them. When I arrived, it was too late at the evening and I couldn’t take the tour anymore, I changed my plan and started to look for a sleeping place nearby so that I could try tomorrow again to see the penguins. On a mobile app called ‘IOVERLANDER’ I saw that close to the penguin spot was a camp-site and I decided to go to that place. Unfortunately, the road to arrive there was bad, a lot of stones and my car was jumping from left wheel to right and back. After driving for 30 minutes I reached a beautiful cozy place with an amazing view on the sea and the nature.

I met a German couple on the camp-site and they told me a lot about their way from Mexico to here, they fed me a lot of tips and tricks that would help my trip even more. after a windy but good night, I went to see the penguins, the ticket, ten euros, enabled us to take a boat ride to see the island where the penguins were. I was excited to see the small animals and it made me so happy. It was such a good start of the day. After that I took my car and drove to a city in the south called Chicho. There, I saw the most colorful church of the island and it was in the middle of the town. I wanted to fly with my drone and after two or three minutes of thinking I took my drone out of my car and started to fly it. I am so happy with the shots, they are really nice, and it is special to visit a church that is totally built with wood. After eating a biscuit, I went with the car to another city at the west coast to spend my second night. This was Cucao and there were a lot of hitchhikers on a good new road.

At around 6 o’clock, I arrived at the new campsite feeling very hungry. I had bought some pasta before and with the tips and tricks that I got from the comments on my last cooking video, I thought I was ready to try to make some pasta. It was nice to make it and thank god it was delicious, and it gave me the energy that I needed. I knew that the day after would be heavy day with a lot of walking and driving, so I was happy with all the energy I got from the food I prepared. While listening to some music on my headphones, I was resting my roof-tent. I slept early that night.

One of the highlights of the island was visiting “Muelle de las Almas” it is translated to the Dock of Souls. It is a half bridge and close to the city where I slept. I am saying close to where I slept because that was what I thought and what looked like on the map, but what I couldn’t see was that the road was terrible. For at least one hour my car, I was bouncing and bouncing again on the worst stones of the island. I knew that my wheels are the weakest point of the car, so I was so happy enough that I could reach the parking spot to start walking. It was a forty-minute walk, passing through one of the most wonderful nature landscapes I saw in Chile so far.  When I was walking, the Dock of Souls seemed small. I arrived at the perfect moment because it was quiet with not a lot of people, so I took some shots with my camera and asked a friendly man to take some pictures of me when I was enjoying the wonderful view with the cozy weather and the sea. A lot of people came to the place during that time and after 30 minutes there was a queue of forty-minutes to take solo pictures of the ‘Muelle de las Almas’. I walked back to my car with in my mind the hell of a road that I need to ride to go back to the living world, and I thought be careful every meter is one meter and you are getting closer don’t rush yourself.

When I rode my car, I saw three Hitchhikers at the side of the road walking in the middle of nowhere and I decided to stop for them. I don’t know why I decided to do that, it made the way back faster, I totally forgot about the bad road and I could focus on the conversation that I had with the boys from Santiago. When I reached the living world and the normal roads, I was really happy, and I could continue my long way back to Puerto Montt (5 hours driving+boat). During my road I needed to take a short break and I decided to do that in the biggest city of the Island called ‘Castro’. The city has a beautiful church and I took some pictures from outside, ate an apple and started again with driving. After 4 hours, I was back in the north and I wanted to finish this beautiful Island with a good meal and read on TripAdvisor that there was a Hamburger restaurant close and with my month full of water I reset my navigation and drove immediately to that place. While eating the delicious hamburger, I was thinking about the wonderful and short time that I had on the island and I really loved it.

Now, I am back in Puerto Montt to study. I am planning to spend five days there and will leave it again to start my big trip to the south, where I will discover Patagonia.