On My Way To The South

With a little bit of pain in my heart, I leave Santiago, the city where I have been for almost 3 weeks. The guest family gave me a feeling of home and that is really special when my home is on the other side of the world. In my car and rooftent, I move up to the coast side to see some cities there. The biggest and most important city i will see there is Valparaíso but to be there, I need to cross Quintero and Concón.

After a drive of two and a half hour (162km) I arrive to the beach for the first time in South America. Quintero is a small port city with a pirate history. I am feeling happy with my car and crossing a beautiful country as Chile is really a pleasure to do this way. Then it’s time to move to the first camping and sleep in the rooftent for the first time. I found a camping close to Concón and not far from Valparaíso. The first night in the tent was amazing, I didn’t completely build the tent, because I had problems with some parts and it was dark so I thought I need to check this tomorrow.

The day after I fixed the problem and my tent was 100% built and sleep ready. At ten o’clock that day, a boy and a girl came to me to ask if I wanted to spot birds with them and of course, I loved it. We walked a lot, but next to beautiful birds and nature we saw something horrible. We crossed a couple from Chile, and they were yelling and saying to us that hundreds of fish were killed. We checked the spot and saw a lot of fish who died, it was painful to see, and I asked the girl what she thought that happened and she said, with pain in her heart, that this happened because of the trash that the big companies are throwing in the rivers like oil, batterie etc. After we checked the nature more in detail, we saw that more birds died as well the last days, because they ate the ill fish, which made the situation worse.

Valparaíso is a big city and was in the past the first city where Germans and British arrived to Chile. What makes this city special are the Paintings in the wall, those were amazing, normally I am not a big fan of that but in Valparaíso I saw real art. I found a small and lonely street and thought about flying my drone there, the wind was soft, and I was excited to do it, so I started flying but while it was flying, I got a message that the battery was almost dead. With all the excitement that I felt, I didn’t check it but since I was feeling relaxed I could land the drone safely, after making a nice shots of the city.

Reaching my second camping (after 200km) close to a river, I became more used to making my tent  and in around 15 minutes I have everything ready to sleep. With my rooftent I got a lot of attention from everyone in the camping. They saw something special and I doesn’t take them long to ask me in fluent Spanish everything about the tent. After explaining in a combo between English and Spanish, they are in shock to hear that I am alone. I see respect from their faces and that feels good, and I say to them that I receive a lot of support from my family at home.

My third camping was a difficult one to reach I drove almost 500 km to reach the waterfalls of Salto de Laja. But it was all worth it, I got for the first time a hot shower and that felt good, relaxing and warm. The camping was close to the waterfalls and at one point I took my drone with me to try to make some shots. After trying and practicing and walking again to the waterfalls I got finally a couple good shots that I can use for a video to post online. It is always exciting to fly with it, and when everything is packed and saved then I am happy. But I need to be careful with it, the wind is hard, and a lot of people crashed their drones before, even those who are better at flying it than I am.

One morning I woke up and thought that an egg to cook, was maybe a good idea. I bought a lot of things, but I didn’t use them until the perfect moment. I put the camera ready and made an extra video about my cooking skills. I don’t to spoil the ending of the video, but I need to learn from my mistakes if I want to eat more in the next weeks.

Making a YouTube video takes me a lot of time, it is always in my mind. If I am not editing then I am making videos and if I am not doing that, then I am thinking about what I should say in the next video. But I feel that I am becoming better and better at it and I hope I will reach a point where I get used to it and can it do easier and be comfortable with it. The positive things about the videos is that everyone gets to see what I am doing and some moments are during my trip can be hard to describe but with a blog, a vlog and photos I feel that the people watching are part of my trip, which makes it then worth all the work and effort.