Start In Santiago

A week ago, my dream started at cologne airport in Germany. My sister Eva, and my parents dropped me after an emotional goodbye at the airport, I arrived 22h later, after two stops in Lisbon (Portugal) and Sao Paulo (Brasil) respectively, in the capital of Chile, called Santiago. A big city of seven million inhabitants, between the mountains in the heart of the summer time. In total I will stay for two weeks in Santiago, where each week I have a new goal; the first week acclimatizing is the main goal, where I get more familiar with this new experience, the culture and the people), the second week is important for me to get a RUT number (this is an ID number for a Chilean residents) to be able to find and buy a good car.

I arrived in Santiago on Friday January 11th, after landing I took a bus and a metro, my destination was in the center of the city. Thanks to the platform, I made a reservation in October by a boy Camillo and his friend Fernanda to stay with them for two weeks. For eight euro a day I stay in the center of Santiago between high buildings and a nature hill called Santa Lucia Hill.
In Santiago, the people don’t speak English, sometimes that makes it harder for me because I had some problems with my SIM card or luggage (broken wheel) and I needed to solve them but it’s a good push for me to work harder on learning Spanish.  I expected that it would be difficult, but it was harder than I thought, now I need to study, study and study Spanish to make my trip easier and more enjoyable.

A normal day for me starts with learning Spanish at eight o’clock, first I repeat the words I had learned from the day before and after that learn new ones. For that I use study books that I bought in the Netherlands and online courses. At 13 o’clock I go outside and visit the city on my own or with a friend who can teach me Spanish. My day ends around 23 o’clock to be ready for the next day.

Sun at Plaza de Armas
Vega Central

Some of the most beautiful places of Santiago that I visited last week are Santa Lucia Hill, a nature park in the center with a good view of the city (Photo 3),, San Cristobal, the highest point of Santiago, a beautiful view of the whole city and a view of the mountains, Plaza de Armas, a parc with a historical church a lot of palm trees and an ice cream shop, Parque Almagro, a parc with historical stones and a church who gives the feeling that you are in Paris. Palacio de La Moneda, the office of the state with a border of Chileans flags.

One of my best moments of the week was a party at the top of San Cristobal. I met a boy named Rául, on Couchsurfing, and I went with him to the top of the city and there he said to me: ”I dont have a lot of time because I need to go to a party soon, if you want you can join me” I said “of course that awesome” and together we went to a private party/disco at 9 o’clock when the sun went down and the lights of the city went on. It was really a beautiful view and that is directly my favorite photo of the week. The bad thing was that we spoke English to each other, and I don’t like that, I feel bad when a Spanish speaker wants to change himself to be able to speak to me. Because of that I study more and more and be as fast as possible to be able to speak Spanish and understand them. Maybe Chile wasn’t the best country to start my trip, only because the people speak really fast Spanish and they have their own dialect, and that make it harder for me, especially when I just started learning the language. But it’s a challenge that I can win.

Now I am looking for a car and with the help of “Suzi Santiago” (a travel agency) it is not that difficult because they will help me with the RUT number and buying a good car.

 I try to write a blog every week and maybe more if something special happens. In the next blog I will describe further the help of “Suzi Santiago and the things I needed to do before buying a car.